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Arrow Designer Series Metro Sheds 4' x 4'

Arrow Designer Series Metro Sheds 4' x 4'

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Your "TO DO LIST" won't know what to do with itself after you've gone through and checked off all those projects you've been meaning to get done but just haven't had the time or patience to actually do. If you're like us, one of those big ta'dos is "Organize the Garage" - the worst and most dreaded task that's probably on your list. With the help of an extra 17 square feet of floor space for a final total of 113 cubic feet of storage space. When the dust has settled, you'll remember why you were so excited about your garage when you first saw it. Aww, who doesn't love a happy ending? Your new Designer Series Metro 4x4 shed is as nice to look at as it is functional. The simple but clean architecture of this shed includes classic high gabled roof, ambidextrous swinging door, decorative trim, hinges, and dual color pallet. Don't be surprised if family and friends actually mistake this chic storage shed as a deliberate element of your landscaping. Hot-dipped galvanized structure makes the Metro 4x4 corrosion resistant, strong, durable, and long lived. Combine all of that with a 15 year limited warranty that comes standard with each of these units and you know you're ready to claim one of these for yourself. In case you were wondering: yes, this 4x4 shed is perfect for apartment patios, decks, and other compact spaces. Our Custom Service Team is always happy to help if you still have questions or just want a second opinion. Free, personalized advice, recommendations, and suggestions are just a call, message, or e-mail away. For the Do It Yourselfers out there, feel free to peruse our Buyers Guide, Frequently Asked Questions page, and collection of regularly updated articles to learn more about you storage shed options.

Features & Specifications:

  • HDG Steel
  • Swinging doors for easy access
  • Built in base and floor
  • Square Feet: 17'
  • Cubic Feet: 113'
  • Interior Dimensions: 49.13" W x 49.13" D x 90.5" H
  • Wall Height: 71.25"
  • Door Opening: 29.3" W x 69" H

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