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Arrow Lexington 10'x8'

Arrow Lexington 10'x8'

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Are the garden tools piling up? Do you wish you had somewhere to store your outside toys so that you didn't have to worry about cleaning them up to bring them into the house? Maybe what you need is the Lexington 10'x8'. It provides you with quite a bit of space in which to store your stuff, and you can move that stuff in and out without difficulty since the doorway is 55 _" wide and the high gambrel roof gives even very tall people enough room to stand up straight. You'll like that the Lexington 10'x8' is durable and strong enough to withstand all kinds of weather conditions and keep your stuff protected. It's made of a galvanized steel that is covered with a finish of white baked on enamel. Doesn't it look nice with gray trim? That roof we mentioned earlier is a great design for channeling rain water immediately off of the roof, which also helps to keep moisture out of the shed. Won't it be nice filling Lexington 10'x8' with all of your stuff? We hope you enjoy organizing it and perhaps even installing shelves that are the right size for your particular needs. The good news is that you can get it here for a low price. We mean the lowest price you're going to be able to find anywhere, thanks to our lowest price guarantee. Another guarantee we're pleased to let you know about is our privacy policy. It ensures that we will never share your personal information. If you want to know more about our policies or have questions we can answer, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by phone, email, or through live chat.

Features & Specifications:

  • Durable baked-on enamel finish
  • Best value storage solution
  • Interior height over 7 feet tall
  • Square Feet: 74'
  • Cubic Feet: 487'
  • Interior Dimensions: 118-1/4" W x 90" D x 86-5/8" H
  • Wall Height: 62"
  • Door Opening: 55-1/2" W x 60" H
  • Foundation Size: 121" W x 92-3/4" D

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