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Arrow Roof Strengthening Kit 6' x 5' , 8' x 6'

Arrow Roof Strengthening Kit 6' x 5' , 8' x 6'

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Reinforcing your outdoor shed isn't a necessity; it's a choice a choice to protect your investment in the shed you chose to store your valued items for as long as you live. The Arrow Sheds Roof Strengthening Kit 6' x 5', 8' x 6' is designed to do just that: An accessory that can be built into the shed you have pre-constructed or constructed with the shed all in one assembly. This Arrow shed roof panel reinforcement kit has everything you need; all the hardware to set up either through the roof panels or built from the ground up. If you live in a climate with heavy snowfall and ice in the winter, you're familiar with how heavy snow can become when packed in, and that weight can and does series damage to shed roofs every day. The Arrow Sheds Roof Strengthening Kit is built with electro-galvanized steel beams that are corrosion resistant, designed to reinforce your shed roof up to 50% more than without the kit. In the kit is all included hardware, 6 beams, and 8 gable braces. All the tools necessary not included are a drill, tin snips, an appropriate sized drill bit. The investment you can make in your shed to take it from a shed that could last a lifetime, to a shed that is impervious to damage, and will last for the rest of your life and keep your things safe. The affordable Arrow Sheds Roof Strengthening Kit has building code requirement meeting specifications. The added strength, sturdiness, and stability is a value increase in your shed that takes Arrow sheds incredible expert craftsmanship and adds to it a galvanized steel reinforcement that won't rot or wear down from weather. You can find the Arrow Sheds Roof Strengthening Kit for the most affordable price available online here at Select Sheds.

Features & Specifications:

  • Made of electro-galvanized steel
  • All necessary hardware included
  • Color: Gray
  • Does not fit Ezee Series, Sentry Series, Bedford or SR1011

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