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Arrow Vinyl Dallas 10'x8'

Arrow Vinyl Dallas 10'x8'

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How important is it to you to keep your stuff safe and in good working condition? You have no doubt invested a lot of money into your toys and your tools, and you need a place to keep them where they will be safe, dry, and away from pests. The Vinyl Dallas 10'x8' will absolutely keep out the elements, but it will also make your yard look better than ever thanks to its attractive vinyl siding. You'd never know it, but underneath that almond and coffee brown colored siding is a tough, galvanized steel structure that can handle intense weather conditions without any trouble at all. That means that whatever you put inside of the Vinyl Dallas 10'x8' is going to stay dry and protected. You can partly thank the gabled roof for that, since it encourages water to run off rather than leaking inside. We like that roof, since it also adds a visual appeal that will make your yard look better than ever. It's hard to imagine a yard that wouldn't look better with this shed in it. And the great thing is that you can get the Vinyl Dallas 10'x8' for a low price here. In fact, our lowest price guarantee dictates that the price you see here at Select Sheds is always the lowest you could find anywhere. We keep track of that by checking our competition's prices regularly. We want you to be able to shop here without concerning yourself too much about price or security, and that's why we also protect your personal information and promise to never share it. If you have come up with some questions by now, that's all right! Just contact us so we can answer them.

Features & Specifications:

  • Preium vinyl-coated electro-galvanized steel
  • 5 times thicker than standard finishes
  • Easy to assemble
  • Square Feet: 74'
  • Cubic Feet: 470'
  • Interior Dimensions: 118-1/4" W x 90" D x 80-7/8" H
  • Wall Height: 71-1/4"
  • Door Opening: 55-1/2" W x 69-1/4" H
  • Foundation Size: 121" W x 92-3/4" D

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