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Arrow Vinyl Murryhill 12'x31'
Arrow Vinyl Murryhill 12'x31'

Arrow Vinyl Murryhill 12'x31'

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If you could quickly and easily, without having to work with a single money minded contractor, build a 362 square foot addition to your shop, garage, or home would you do it? We thought that might be the very case. Which is exactly why we're pleased to introduce you to our mighty Vinyl Murryhill 12x31 structure. Now, before you start comparing our buildings to a traditional garage or shop, we want to warn you that you're about to have your mind blown. Truly. Your new 12x31 Murryhill comes standard with a garage style roll up door, sliding side door (conveniently placed at the opposite end of the building from the garage door), and gabled roof. Yep. That's right. Every convenience of a "brick and mortar" showroom, workspace, hobby room, or storage unit without the head banging frustration of dealing with architects and slow working construction crews. Your organization and project destination is in your hands, don't just make do with cramped spaces and chaos. Get a Murryhill 12x31 and experience the luxury of SPACE. And, don't worry, just because your new structure is "assembled" doesn't mean that it's going to be an eyesore. As a matter of fact, dual toned palette and professionally applied vinyl coating give the Murryhill a classy, well thought out look that will easily blend in with your existing landscape work and outside decor. Would you appreciate having a second opinion before you make a final decision. No problem! Get custom, personalized advice, recommendations, and suggestions from our zero pressure Customer Service Team. Or, if you'd like to keep things strictly digital, view our Buyers Guide and carefully chosen list of Frequently Asked Questions for more information about our sheds and buildings. You'll also appreciate our growing collection of articles for tips and tricks about organizing, home improvement, and more!

Features & Specifications:

  • Preium vinyl-coated electro-galvanized steel
  • Unique roll-up, garage-style door
  • Second sliding side door
  • Square Feet: 362'
  • Cubic Feet: 2655'
  • Interior Dimensions: 141-1/8" W x 370-1/2" D x 102" H
  • Wall Height: 73-3/4"
  • Door Opening: 95" W x 72" H
  • Foundation Size: 141-1/8" W x 370-1/2" D

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