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Arrow Vinyl Murryhill 14'x21'

Arrow Vinyl Murryhill 14'x21'

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Are your hobbies taking over your garage or basement? Is organizing your tool collection, seasonal decor, and recreational items nearly impossible because you've just got nowhere to store anything else? Believe it or not, we're glad to hear it because we've got a simple and affordable solution for your need of some additional space. We're not just talking about a little shed, either. We're talking enough space to really stretch out in. Our Murryhill 14x21 structure offers you an impressive 291 square feet of working floor space or 2527 cubic feet of open working space, depending on how you'd like organize and visualize your new shop, hobby space, or storage unit. Don't be surprised if you forget that your Murryhill is actually an assembly and not a traditional constructed building, either. Thanks to the roll up garage style door, convenient side access door (cleverly placed at the opposite end of the structure), and vinyl coated steel siding, it's hard to remember you're not in a "real" garage. Just as impressive as the functionality of our 14x21 Murryhill is its attractiveness. Two toned color scheme, gabled roof and details, and mild almond finish will help your new addition easily blend into any landscaping theme or outdoor decor that's already in place. Good looks as well as strength and durability: check. Unbelievable affordability: check. The only thing left to check off the list is actually getting one of these Murryhills for yourself. Still find yourself with a few questions? Don't worry, all you need to do is contact our friendly Customer Service Team for honest, hassle free advice, suggestions, and recommendations. For the DIY minded folks out there, you'll find great information, tips, and tricks in our Buyers Guide, list of Frequently Asked Questions, and throughout our collection of regularly updated articles.

Features & Specifications:

  • Preium vinyl-coated electro-galvanized steel
  • Unique roll-up, garage-style door
  • Second sliding side door
  • Square Feet: 291'
  • Cubic Feet: 2527'
  • Interior Dimensions: 164" W x 255-1/2" D x 114-1/2" H
  • Wall Height: 94"
  • Door Opening: 106-1/2" W x 91-3/4" H
  • Foundation Size: 164" W x 255-1/2" D

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