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Arrow Woodridge Series 10'x6'

Arrow Woodridge Series 10'x6'

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When it's time to turn that covered area behind your house back into a wonderful patio again by relocating all the accumulated gardening tools and pool related toys and paraphernalia into a location that makes sense, then you're going to want to add our fabulous Woodbridge series ten foot by six foot storage shed by Arrow Sheds to your yard. By having a dedicated, safe and secure and dry location for your season items, gardening supplies and anything else that you need periodically but prefer not to have hanging around loose on your patio or in your yard, you can actually enjoy your patio or deck and have great times as a family without having to worry about injury from tripping over that out of place rake. Not only does your great looking shed provide you with an amazing storage solution, it actually is so attractive that it's a welcome addition to your yard. Made from heavy duty electro-galvanized steel, this stunning unit features a baked on enamel finish that looks just like wood with real wood grain accents. With all of the extras available, like shelving, racks, work benches and other items, you can completely customize your Woodbridge series shed to accommodate all of the items you need to store. This unit is easy to assemble and once it's complete, you'll find you love the large dual sliding doors because they make it so easy to load and unload your items. Perfect for keeping your seasonal items organized and well cared for when they're not in use, and large enough to also handle all of your gardening and yard work items, you're going to wonder how you ever got along without your fabulous Woodbridge series ten foot by six foot storage shed by Arrow Sheds.

Features & Specifications:

  • Easy do-it-yourself assembly
  • Durable baked-on enamel finish
  • Sturdy electro-galvanized steel
  • Dual Sliding Doors
  • Square Feet: 54'
  • Cubic Feet: 345'
  • Recommended Foundation Size: 121" W x 68.75" D
  • Exterior Dimensions: 123.25" W x 71.25" D x 79.13" H
  • Interior Dimensions: 118.25" W x 66" D x 77.88" H
  • Door Opening: 55.5" W x 69.25" H
  • Wall Height: 71.25"

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