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Arrow Yardsaver 4'x10'

Arrow Yardsaver 4'x10'

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These Yardsaver 4x10 sheds are the absolute perfect solution for those who are looking for a good amount of storage and want to utilize some of that dead space around the property that's just too narrow to be useful otherwise. At only four feet wide, this "leaning" storage shed is specifically designed to be flush against a wall, fence, or any other vertical structure. Cleverly, the engineers who designed your new 4x10 Yardsaver even had the door installed on the end of this shed for the easiest and most convenient access to all of your goods, tools, and supplies. A little bit leery about how much space you'll really be getting from a unit that's only four feet wide? Rest assured that this Yardsaver is as legitimate as any other shed. It offers 38 square feet of floor space and a whopping 227 cubic feet of usable storage room. Perfect for lawn equipment, bikes, and trash cans - just like a _square_ shed would be. The 4x10 Yardsaver is more than just all work, however. Electro-galvanized steel has been given an attractive, neutral eggshell hued finish with a realistic wood grain pattern that will allow it to compliment just about any other structure you put it next to. No need to worry about having an eyesore on your property! As you've likely noticed, we offer a huge selection of storage options. We know that sometimes having too many choices definitely be more of a curse than a blessing. If you would like some free, personalized advice, recommendations, or suggestions, just give us a call! For those of you out there who like to do your own due diligence, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page, our Buyers Guide, and our collection of articles for more information about our products!

Features & Specifications:

  • Best value storage solution
  • Easy do-it-yourself assembly
  • Square Feet: 38'
  • Cubic Feet: 227'
  • Interior Dimensions: 47-3/4" W x 114" D x 81-1/4" H
  • Wall Height: 62-1/2"
  • Door Opening: 38-1/2" W x 60-1/4" H
  • Foundation Size: 50-1/2" W x 116-3/4" D

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