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Duramax WoodStore Combo Green Shed with Off White Trim

Duramax WoodStore Combo Green Shed with Off White Trim

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If you have a wood burning fireplace, one of the problematic issues can be creating a space large enough to store your wood for the winter in a way that will keep it dry and off the ground, and that doesn't look like something that belongs in the Deliverance movie. The folks at Duramax have created a fabulous storage solution that not only gives you a great looking wood storage area that keeps your wood dry and off the ground, but also includes an attached locking shed that you can keep the tools you need to deal with that wood. Select Sheds presents our WoodStore Combo Green with Off White Trim. The lovely green color fits right in with any landscape and of course, looks right at home next to your cabin in the woods. Made from super durable and corrosion resistant, hot dipped galvanized steel, this wood shed, storage unit combo is made from steel that is twenty percent thicker than standard steel sheds. The corrugated design adds even more rigidity and that along with the heavy duty galvanized steel interior beams and columns make this incredible unit a must have. Complete with a fifteen year warranty, the longest available warranty on the market, this attractive WoodStore combo unit is designed to meet your needs and look great doing it. Easy to assemble, this unit comes with precut holes and easy to understand instructions. At 103.1 inches wide by 42.9 inches deep and 63.2 inches high, it's clear to see that this amazing unit is going to hold all the wood you need, and safely and securely hold your other tools as well. Get your wood storage up off the ground and give yourself a safe and sturdy way to store your wood and let it age correctly with our WoodStore Combo Green with Off White Trim, by Duramax.

Features & Specifications:

  • All in one quality unique metal wood storage and shed combo
  • Hot-Dipped galvanized steel painting process for longevity
  • 20% Thicker steel panels not found in most steel sheds
  • Corrugated designed reinforced groove walls for strength
  • Perfect for any size of Backyard
  • Can be used for other storage purposes
  • Ready to Assemble with Pre-Cut holes and Materials
  • Heavy duty galvanized steel interior beams and columns
  • Roof and side panels keep fire logs secured
  • 15 Year Warranty The Longest in the Industry

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