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Get Inspired! 8 Creative Solutions For Outdoor Sheds

Posted by Select Sheds on 1/28/2016
If you, like many people, have an outdoor shed whose sole purpose is to take up space and lower your property value with its dilapidated exterior, it may be time for a change. While you may be inclined to scrap the junker all together, we at Select Sheds have another idea - renovate! 

Yes, this can be a big project, but once it's completed, you will have an incredible upgrade to your home and your lifestyle. Do you have a hobby or passion that the space in your house just can't accommodate? Your shed could be the key to giving your interests the attention they deserve. People are doing incredible things with their backyard sheds, turning them into amazing outdoor creative spaces. Just imagine it - having a shed that fills you with inspiration rather than dread and dust mites. 

There are a million possibilities for your shed's transformation, but we've assembled a few of our favorites to help you brainstorm.

1. The Brew/Pub Shed

Brew ShedFor all the craft beer lovers out there, this shed will give you the opportunity to create your very own delicious brews. If you're a true enthusiast, you may have dabbled a bit in brewing in the past.

Perhaps you tried MacGyvering it in your kitchen with minimal supplies, or maybe you splurged on the nicer equipment only to find that you don't have anywhere to put it. Either way, we're betting that the smell of the brewing process was more than your family was willing to tolerate.

Anyone serious about brewing knows that they need serious equipment and serious space. Turning your shed into your brewing hub gives you the perfect place to store your gear and create mouth-watering ales, without fumigating your house.

When creating your brew shed, one thing to keep in mind is temperature control. To have a really successful brew, you need to use ingredients and equipment that has been stored correctly. Malted grain, for instance, needs to be kept in a space that's between 50° and 70°. Hops should be kept in the freezer, and yeast belongs in the fridge.

This means that you'll need power and insulation for your shed. You'll of course also need running water out there for brewing. Now, while we're all about DIY, installing electricity and plumbing in your shed are things that are definitely better left to the professionals.

They're big projects that can go seriously wrong if not done correctly. Once completed, though, you'll be able to fill your shed with all the components needed to brew the perfect beer, keep your shed comfortable, and keep your supplies protected.

After your shed is set up with all the basics, the fun part begins. You can go super basic with just the bare supplies, or deck out the shed complete with a tasting area. Check out Chris Bowen's personal brew shed for inspiration. His awesome shed-turned-brew pub is home to the award-winning Hammersmith Ales, and has won the International Shed of the Year award.
Brewing isn't for everyone, though. Some of us were meant to test, not create. If brewing isn't your thing, there is still an awesome way to pay homage to this sudsy libation - your very own backyard pub! Forget about blowing money at the bar.

With a pub shed, you can escape from the house and enjoy a drink, watch the game, shoot some darts, or chill with friends - all in a pub that was designed just for you. Plus, it makes for a much shorter stumble home. Maybe you're a talented mixologist with a passion for building quality cocktails. If anyone dismisses bartending as an artform, they clearly haven't tried making the perfect old fashioned.

Building a bar in your backyard will help you develop your skills, as well as have a fun place to show them off to all your friends. If you like to entertain, your house will quickly become the go-to hangout spot.

Pub Shed

2. The Art Shed

No matter what your artistic inclination is - painting, sketching, sculpting, photography, glass-blowing, or something else entirely - you need a space that allows you not only the room to create, but also the inspiration. Can you think of a better source of inspiration than Mother Nature?

Lots of natural light, fresh air, birds chirping, and wind rustling through the trees are all excellent fuels for your artistic fire. Your shed may not look like much right now, but with the right improvements, it could be the perfect place to foster your creativity. Installing skylights and windows in your shed is fairly simple, and is a great way to open up the space and give you plenty of light to illuminate your next project.

Need some ideas to get started? Pamela at Flower Patch Farmhouse created a light and airy studio out of her backyard shed. Visit her site for some tips.

Art Shed

3. The Work Shed

For a home office without all of the distractions of home, turning your outdoor shed into a place of work could do wonders for your productivity. It provides the feeling of leaving home to work, without having to deal with the daily commute or the mindless water cooler chatter.

Plus, having a work space that was designed specifically to be a reflection of you will help get your mind working and the ideas flowing. Whether you're a writer, a graphic designer, or an aspiring entrepreneur, you need a place that inspires you.

A place that will help you brainstorm, make decisions, and troubleshoot - without worrying about rotating the laundry or checking the window every five minutes, vainly attempting to determine once and for all what your dog keeps barking at.

Of course, no matter what type of supplies you'll want in your office, we're willing to bet you're going to want some electricity. Depending on where you live, you'll also likely be in need of heat and/or air conditioning. Again, we defer to the professionals here. For real productivity, your shed needs to be comfortable, so don't skimp on the big stuff.

Kate Toon made her outdoor shed into her home office, and it is now the hub of her successful freelance writing business. To see what she did, read her post. Work Shed

4. The Entertainment Shed

Are you a major movie buff? Or a filmmaker in your own right? If so, you will be stoked to see what some people have transformed their ordinary outdoor sheds into. Screen all of your favorite films with a cinema right in your backyard.

Whether you prefer the vintage look of red velvet flip seats or the undeniable comfort of barcaloungers, your shed could be your ideal screening room. Invite your friends over to show them your latest film project, or pop some popcorn and have movie night with the family. It's rare that people have the space inside their home for a theater, dedicated to cinema.

Sheds to the rescue! You're home entertainment set up will be the envy of the whole neighborhood.

If your family isn't movie obsessed, how about turning the shed into a game room? Billiards tables take up more space than many people have in their family room.

Create your own miniature pool hall, complete with a mounted cue rack and overhead lighting.

Or, turn it into an arcade with vintage arcade games lining the wall. Tired of having poker night crowded around the dining room table? Upgrade to the real deal with a poker set up in your shed. A poker table, a mini fridge for the brewskies, and the obligatory painting of dogs playing poker will make for a much more enjoyable evening. Who knows? Maybe it will even improve your game.

Whatever games you prefer, have a dedicated space to kick back and relax with family and friends.

5. The Guest Shed

Visitors are (almost) always a treat to have, but if you have a small living space, finding a place for them to sleep and relax can be a struggle. Especially if you have frequent visitors, a permanent guest room is a fabulous asset. What's even better? A guest house.

No, we don't recommend making your in-laws sleep in your freezing cold shed, snuggled up between the lawn mower and the fertilizer. With a few modifications, though, you can transform your shed into a charming, resort-like getaway that your overnight guests will adore. This is also a great solution for giving more privacy to long-term guests, such as adult children moving back home.

If you go all out and turn your shed into its own little studio, complete with kitchen and bathroom, you may even be able to rent it out for some extra income. Whip out your design skills, and create your own private outdoor chateau.

6. The Jam Shed

Jam ShedIf your life revolves around music, it deserves its own dedicated studio. With proper soundproofing and modifications, your shed can be a place to jam out and record music any time you want, without any complaints from the neighbors.

Keep in mind that serious soundproofing will decrease the size of your area, so it may not be practical in a really small shed. If you have the space, though, it will allow you to have a music studio that will keep outside noise out (a must if you plan on doing any recording), and keep your neighbors from calling the cops.

Even if you don't plan on completely soundproofing your shed, you will need to completely waterproof it. Sheds are prone to moisture, and your expensive instruments and recording equipment are prone to damage from humidity, so you'll want to take all the necessary steps to keep your studio dry. Then, design away!

Whether you're a talented musician, an up-and-coming DJ, or a gifted producer, your outdoor shed may be the perfect place to launch your music career. Fill it with all your instruments, your recording equipment and all your buddies for the raddest shed in town.

7. The Imagination Shed

Give the little ones a place to use their imagination and run wild - without destroying the house. A shed can simply and affordably be turned into an outdoor play palace for the kiddos.

Encourage less screen time and more nature time, with an environment that fosters creative play.

Kids need their own space, too. Many modern experts in child psychology believe that letting kids play unsupervised by adults helps them develop independence and conflict-resolution skills that are vital to their happiness and confidence.

So, providing children with a safe space to play without your supervision not only encourages imagination, but it helps them develop important life skills that will benefit them immensely throughout the years. Plus, letting them help with the design and transformation will be a fun project that the whole family can enjoy. Imagination

8. The Spa Shed

Spa ShedWhile it seems like an odd trend when you first hear about it, more and more people are putting bathtubs in their backyard.

Yes, it's a real trend, and it's fabulous.

Haven't you ever eyed longingly over those pictures in magazines of exquisite home bathrooms that look like the size of your entire first apartment? Have you ever wondered who on earth has a bathroom that hugeand luxurious?

You aren't alone.

Your average Joes and Janes have cramped little bathrooms that are anything but relaxing. Many people don't even have a tub, but lots of folks have unused space in their yard. Why not use that space to make your own luxurious spa-like bathroom? With the added benefit of nature's beauty surrounding it, a miniature backyard spa is an excellent use for your outdoor shed.

While many people choose to embrace nature fully and just put the tub right out in the open, you may be more hesitant to do so if you have close neighbors. 

Public nudity is generally frowned upon in housing developments. That's why a shed is an awesome solution. You can still let nature and light in with skylights, and use semi-sheer curtains on windows for privacy. To give it more of an essence of nature, try training a climbing plant to cover your shed.

Honeysuckle is a wonderful choice, with its sweet smell and its propensity for attracting hummingbirds and butterflies. With a spa in your backyard, your shed will be your favorite getaway.