For over fifty years, Arrow has been building top of the line storage shed kits of all sizes and styles. They specialize in steel storage sheds, and offer three different types of finishes for their products. Why steel? Not only is steel extremely durable and UV resistant, but it is also more environmentally friendly than other building materials.

More About Arrow Sheds

Based out of Illinois, Arrow Sheds is a well-known designer, manufacturer, and distributor of both vinyl and steel storage sheds. Since moving out of the cave, construction designs for protected spaces have not changed in millennia. Four walls, a roof, and floor- but these are just the fundamentals. Customizable products are the new free flowing currency of product design, making products and the spaces they occupy more uniquely fitted to the customer. The more convertible a product is, the more valuable a customer finds it. Arrow storage sheds are filling this market niche. Arrow storage sheds provide extensive accessory options. Every kit is customizable with built-in options to optimize storage. Shelving kits can be installed to turn an unassuming Arrow vinyl shed into a backyard reading nook. The same standard exterior design can have an easily transformed interior to include a tool hanging rack or workbench.


Today, even in rural America, the expense to build a home addition can reach beyond comprehension after building permits, architect speculation fees, etc. Regulation may prohibit customers from adding onto their home, but Arrow storage sheds provide an answer to bureaucratic problems. Arrow storage sheds can be upgraded with kits to install an attic for a kids playhouse or with added insulation, even a mother-in-law, complete after a roof strengthening kit reinforces the ceiling for heavy snow falls. With the tiny house movement gaining steam, amazing things can be done inside and out with Arrow storage sheds.


As a proxy carport, seasonal marine storage structure, or year-round deck/patio storage, Arrow vinyl sheds can be fitted with a number of optional siding choices. Sizes provide for every sort of living or working situation, including smaller options contoured to be placed directly alongside a current structure to maximize yard space. Arrow storage sheds also have their commercial purposes, as large and protective as the customer's needs require, capable of reinforced steel siding and concrete flooring to ensure a more stable, permanent existence in tornado country.

What Makes Arrow Unique

If Arrow storage sheds were a computer company, they would be Apple. Their attitude toward customer service is far and away the most comprehensive in the industry. Of course since customers cannot bring their Arrow storage shed to a genius bar, Arrow responds by bringing their experts in personal and commercial shed usage to the customer. Whether the client needs to order Arrow storage shed accessories like shelving or a loft kit, replace a runaway screw or other hardware item, or cannot track down their product manual, Arrow has anticipated the needs of its customers by providing both online and hotline services.

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  • Yardsaver 4 x 10 ft. Steel Storage Shed Pent Roof Eggshell


    Yardsaver 4 x 10 ft. Steel Storage Shed Pent Roof Eggshell

    An innovation in compact, economical storage space solutions, the Yardsaver fits in and blends in like no other building can. The horizontal paneling looks great "leaning" against any wall or in...
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