Duramax 8x8 DuraMate Shed Kit

  • Duramax 8x8 DuraMate Shed Kit
  • Duramax 8x8 DuraMate Shed Kit
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Isn't it time to reclaim your back yard and take all those loose items floating around like gardening equipment, pool toys, sporting equipment and all those odds and ends and put them in our fabulous, maintenance free 8 foot by 8 foot Strong lasting DuraMate Shed? Made from incredibly durable, all-weather, ivory colored vinyl and reinforced with metal wall columns for additional strength and additional ways to create shelving and hanging opportunities, this awesome unit features over sixty one inch double locking doors for easy access and egress, two vents for superior air flow. Load tested for up to twelve hundred pounds of snow on the roof, and able to withstand winds of up to 115 miles per hour, this awesome shed is built to last and stand up to its fifteen year warranty. Engineered to be easily assembled in just a few short hours, you'll love the way this shed not only keeps your yard free of clutter, but also looks beautiful all on its own. The height of this shed is designed to fit right in with most community standards. However, we're sure that the part you'll love the best is that it provides you with a whopping 305 cubic feet of storage space. That's enough to load in your lawn mower, snow blower, all your yard tools, your barbeque, your pool toys, your sports equipment and so much more. Do you wish you had someplace to bring in your lawn furniture for the winter to keep it out of the weather? With this fantastic shed, you'll have the storage space to do that and a whole lot more. Get your back yard looking great and clutter free when you add this fabulous 8 foot by 8 foot Stronglasting DuraMate Shed by Duramax.


  • Dimensions: 94.2" W x 94.2" D x 73" H
  • Roof Peak Height: 73" H
  • Roof Height: 62.1" H
  • Recommended Slab Size: 1 ft Larger Than Shed Dimensions
  • Color: Ivory
  • Storage Area: 305 Cubic Feet
  • All Weather Durable Vinyl Shed Eliminates Painting, Treating Or Maintenance Headaches
  • Wall Height Ideal For Most Communities
  • Features Wide 61 1/2. Double Doors
  • Metal Reinforced Wall Columns For Superior Strength
  • Snow Load Tested Up To 1200 Lbs On The Roof (20 Lbs/Sqft)
  • Contemporary Design Will Beautify Your Backyard Or Garden
  • Easy Installation In 5-7 Hours (2 People Recommended For Installation)
  • Includes Door Handles, 2 Vents and 2 Skylights
  • Wind Load Capacity of 115 MPH
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