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Duramax Vinyl Garage Extension
Duramax Vinyl Garage Extension

Duramax Vinyl Garage Extension

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If that fabulous new garage you just got from Duramax needs to be just a few feet bigger in order to really meet all of your needs, then rest easy because we have just what you're looking for, our Vinyl Garage Extension, by Duramax. This ten foot by two and half foot extension is made from the same maintenance free, heavy duty vinyl that the rest of your outstanding garage is made from and is designed to give you a perfect fit and extend your space. Your extension carries the same ten year limited lifetime warranty that the rest of your garage has and is built to last and install easily with your existing unit. Often times we find a garage kit that's just exactly what we need, and then life happens and suddenly we need more space. Other times, we find a kit that's close but we know we'll need a little more room right from the start. This perfectly sized extension allows you to customize your garage and make it the exact size you need using the same outstanding, heavy duty, all weather materials and easy assembly practices used to create your main structure. After all, you want your Duramax garage to serve all the needs a standard garage would and that includes not only giving your vehicle a place to stay warm and dry, but also a space to store other items like yard tools, mechanical tools, sporting equipment and more. By adding this convenient extension to your existing Duramax garage, or by adding it to your new order because you know you're going to need just a little bit more room, you will ensure that you'll get the most functionality out of your space. Give yourself plenty of room to store everything you need by adding this fabulous easy to incorporate ten foot by two and half foot Vinyl Garage Extension, by Duramax.

Features & Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 10' x 2.5'
  • Fits Duramax Vinyl Garage
  • 10 Year Limited

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