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"It's in the shed." It's a line we grew up hearing, one that either brought dismay due to all the items we'd have to dig through to find what we were looking for, or one that brought relief because the shed was the most organized room on the property. A shed that we could be proud of is one that was sought after because it suited our family's personal needs and was purchased with intention.

At Select Sheds, we offer a wide variety of storage sheds for sale with personalized materials and sizes so that from day one, you are motivated to store your harvested possessions in an organized, useful way.

Why Shop at Select Sheds?

We'll give you 5 good reasons...

1. Huge Selection of Sheds

A lot of retail stores offer just a small handful of sheds in their 'Storage' category. But Select Sheds is an absolute sheds super-store! Our catalog includes all of the most popular, high quality brands - DuraMax, EZ-Fit and Arrow - in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as sheds made out of wood, vinyl and metal. We're sure you'll find the perfect shed to suit your needs!

2. Competitive Prices

We compare the prices of our sheds to that of our competitors daily to ensure that we're offering competitive pricing.

You may find a product we sell cheaper elsewhere. However, be sure that there is a human behind that website that picks up the phone and replies to your emails before you place your order. We hear frequently from customers that they placed an order and never received the product.

3. Fast, Free Shipping to Mainland USA

While other shed retailers tack on a huge amount for shipping right at the end of the checkout process, we offer free shipping on every storage shed we carry. The price you see on the product page is the price you'll pay... period. After you've placed your order, we'll typically get your order shipped out within 2-4 business days. Most sheds arrive within 10 business days. If your timing is critical please call/email/live chat with us before placing an order so we can get an ETA for you.

4. Safe & Secure Checkout

We want to do everything we can to ensure a pleasant shopping experience for you. We know that privacy and security are important to that experience, which is why we use SSL encryption to protect your personal and financial information during the checkout process. We accept all major credit cards (even American Express) as well as PayPal.

5. Top-Notch Customer Service

For us, storage sheds aren't just an "afterthought" we've decided to add to our catalog to generate a few more sales. We love sheds! If you have any questions about a shed you have your eye on or need help finding the perfect one, please don't hesitate to call us at (866) 771-7174 or start up a live chat. We'll be more than happy to assist you.

Your Guide to Selecting a Storage Shed

We put together this guide so that your selection experience is as informed as possible--we want to empower homeowners and families with the information that will make the integration of a shed straightforward for them so they can get on with living their busy lives. So let's get to it!

Shed Materials

Our storage sheds are made from three different materials so you can really think about how much maintenance and care you want to put into the structure before you buy it. While all our materials are top-of-the-line and already popular in the industry, each have different advantages, aesthetic appeals, and care requirements, all of which we want to share with you so you can make the best decision for your family.


First, we offer metal storage shed kits. Metal sheds are less expensive than vinyl and wood sheds, so if you're on a tight budget, metal will offer you the chance to implement a larger shed and still pay less than if you were to implement a vinyl or wood shed of the same size.

You won't be missing out on longevity if you purchase a metal shed, since we use steel. Steel tends to be strong and secure, relieving you of the worry that a gust of wind is going to come in and blow down your structure. Steel is also UV resistant, meaning that your steel shed itself won't fade or crack under the sun's harsh rays.

Furthermore, you can store items that are sensitive to UV rays, like pieces of artwork or family heirlooms, and not have to worry about the sun penetrating them while they rest in the shed.

If you are concerned about the environmental impact of the materials you purchase, steel is recyclable and easier to produce than other materials, making them the most environmentally friendly of our sheds. And besides that, if you intend on installing your shed in an area where forest fires are a concern, like a summer home or cabin, steel is fire resistant, which means that your items will be protected from any fire devastation your land experiences.

The longevity of steel for a shed that will be exposed to the elements is undeniable. The most extreme snow and rain conditions will not disturb metal because we galvanize our steel, rendering it incapable of absorbing moisture. Steel by itself can rust and corrode, especially if moisture sticks to the steel and interacts with oxygen over a long period of time. But the various coating processes, which we'll go over later, completely prevent corrosion.

Heat also has little effect on coated steel--the combination of resistance against moisture and heat makes coated steel completely protected from the possibility of mold or fungus growth, which can be a problem with sheds positioned in extremely humid climates, or even in a yard with lots of plant and insect life.

p-5666-arrow_hamlet_shed_8_6x5__74893-600x424Plants and insects have one objective: survive anywhere they can. They have no chance of survival in the walls of a steel structure, so you'll never have to worry about infestation. Infestation problems can be the most expensive issue to deal with when you have a shed sitting in your yard long term--by going with steel, you nip the chances of having to battle armies of pests in the bud.

Over the course of the industrial era, people have come to believe that steel isn't always the prettiest of materials. However, our Arrow Shed supplier has a line of storage sheds that mimic the aesthetic qualities of wood: their Woodbridge series provide the appearance of real wood, with wood grain that is engineered out of electro-galvanized steel.

Electro-galvanized steel is bonded to a layer of zinc, which prevents the chance of rust or corrosion developing. So while the shed completely looks like it's made of wood, it resists the typical problems you may encounter with an unmaintained wood shed. But coating the steel doesn't make it any heavier or more difficult to work with - galvanizers have mastered the process of coating steel so that the smallest layer possible has the greatest amount of benefit. It doesn't take much to protect the steel, since the electro-galvanizing process is highly complex and takes advantage of state of the art electroplating technology.

p-5632-DSM_4x4_closed_beauty_web__37918-600x600 We also offer steel storage sheds that have undergone hot dip galvanization instead of electroplating. According to an article in the Pipeline and Gas Journal, the benefits of zinc coating still apply - in fact, galvanizing itself implies the application of zinc.

However, the process for galvanizing is a little different. Instead of dipping the steel in an electrolytic bath, the steel is dipped into a molten zinc bath. This produces an extremely sturdy layer of protection against any inherent weaknesses steel has.

Hot dip galvanization was used early in the industrial era, and so by now, it is perfected and streamlined, making it easy to deliver its benefits at a low cost to you as a consumer. The third coating our steel storage sheds offer is vinyl coated steel.

With vinyl coated steel, you get all the benefits of strong steel construction, along with the corrosion protection of vinyl. Vinyl-coated steel actually gives you a coating five times thicker than most standard steel-constructed buildings. It is incredibly cost effective to coat steel in vinyl, since vinyl is a plastic that is fairly easy to produce for construction purposes. It is resistant to moisture, to humidity, and to insect or plant life, so even if you live in the middle of a rainforest, it is impervious to penetration by pests.

Vinyl coating comes in a wide variety of shades - take Arrow Shed's Red Barn for example--thanks to the variability of vinyl, you can implement a steel shed that actually looks like the traditional wooden red barn to store your equipment and family belongings.


p-5952-duramate-8x6-duramate-vinyl__21099-600x600 The second material our storage shed kits are made from is vinyl. While you can always coat steel in vinyl, vinyl itself is durable enough to compose the entirety of the shed. Like steel, vinyl is recyclable and eco-friendly.

However, unlike steel, it doesn't need a coating to protect it from harsh weather. You won't ever have to repaint it, and you don't have to worry about rotting, corrosion, fading, or any other form of destruction.

If you live in a climate with high amounts of rainfall, vinyl will compete against the moisture to protect your belongings. Please note that these materials can contract and expand in areas with extreme temperatures, so if you're living in extreme heat or extreme cold, you might lean toward a steel shed with galvanized coating.

But if you live in a region with moderate temperature, expansion and contraction won't be an issue for you. Although vinyl brings with it a variety of benefits, from being fire resistant to being lightweight, from preventing the growth of mold to not requiring extra coating, it can develop stains if improperly maintained.

To stop this from ever occurring, simply make sure to give your shed a wash down at the beginning and end of your warmest season, or whenever you see spots developing. A garden hose will offer the appropriate amount of water pressure to your vinyl shed walls--hose it down and follow up with a light scrub using a mild detergent.

To combat grease or oil stains, a synthetic turpentine oil will do the trick, as will a mild bleaching agent, so long as the color of your vinyl is already fairly neutral.


p-5923-1_10x14_Riverside__40841.1441050288.1280.1280__69178-600x600Finally, and most traditionally, we offer wood storage sheds, which are perfect for the homeowner that takes pride in yard work and believes in devoting the utmost amount of care to their possessions. Not everyone is up for the task of maintaining a wood shed, but on the other hand, not everyone cares as much as some do about beautifying their property.

Wood sheds are unarguably the most attractive and dynamic type of shed--while we already offer a range of colors in our wood storage shed kits, you can always modify the color of the panels or the window frames, you can change the color of the door, and you can decide on the color of the inside walls, all in order to make the shed fit the aesthetic choices you've established in your yard.

It's also a lot easier to add accessories like flower boxes, cupolas, and weathervanes, which are not only practical but also stylistically pleasing. Wood sheds also integrate with your home--not everyone wants a metal structure right next to their house, but a wood structure can show off features, like the color scheme, of your home, potentially increasing property value.

They come across as elegant, purposeful, and classic. If you use your yard to host garden parties or other events, a wood shed will complement the high-end nature of your home, your neighborhood, and your guests.

Caring for Wood Sheds

Wood storage sheds unarguably take a lot of care. There are four basic forms of maintenance you will need to stay on top of in order to keep your wood shed in premium condition: managing plant life, sealing the wood, and cleaning the wood.

Since wood can be penetrated by insects and weeds, and because it can be damaged by tree branches, make sure that the space you intend to install your wood shed is already completely cleared out. Trim any tree branches that look like they could potentially fall on - or otherwise penetrate - your structure, and make sure to take care of pesky, spreadable young trees and hedges before laying down your foundation.

While plant life certainly complements the natural appeal of wood, do not find yourself sympathizing with pretty plants if they are known to behave invasively. There are plenty of controllable flowers, bushes, and smaller trees that you can grow next to your shed that won't compromise its structural integrity. Since a wood shed will be a longtime fixture to your yard, we recommend that you keep an eye on the plant life in your yard for at least one warm season prior to installation so you are familiar with what you're up against.

brush-painting-paint-brushes-8133 Next, you'll want to strengthen the wood using a wood treatment. Since wood is organic and made from plant life itself, it is incredibly attractive to plant and insect life. Experts recommend treating a wood building with a strong treatment as often as every year--wood treatments will temporarily prevent water damage, rot, and insect infestation, all of which are death sentences for a wooden structure.

When you initially install your shed, make sure to apply a treatment within the first week to decrease the likelihood of damages to the exposed wood. Treatments come in different colors as well as in a clear coat, so you can either enhance the color of your shed or simply apply clear layers on top to preserve the color it already has.

Anytime you treat your wood, make sure to apply two to three layers, and don't be afraid to go heavy on areas that look weak or susceptible. For example, if it is completely unavoidable to have a sprinkler regularly spray the side of the shed, that side should receive more layers than the rest of it, and you should keep an eye on it weekly to make sure nothing is penetrating it or discoloring. (Of course, we strongly recommend locating your shed in an area of your yard that will not require watering.)

There are a variety of other smaller-scale preventative measures for protecting the longevity of a wood shed. You should make sure that water easily drains off the top of your shed by adding DIY drains, or even by purchasing them from a hardware store. To resist mold or fungus growing on the inside of the shed, implement some sort of ventilation system, whether that's a small fan in a corner that doesn't receive any moving air or putting screens on the windows so you can open them up on summer days.

You should also regularly minimize the collection of dust and debris on the outside, in windows and door frames, on inside walls, etc. This just takes wiping down the walls every once in a while with a damp rag and taking a broom to cobwebs you see forming in dark corners. If dirt is causing discoloration or seems particularly stubborn, you can mix a mild soap with warm water to gently scrub it off.

Whenever you're out working on your yard or digging through boxes in the shed itself, look out for cracks on any area of the shed. One small crack on a side that doesn't even have a window may pose problems in the future. It's better to take care of a small crack than to deal with the damages, like water or plant life penetration, that will inevitably ensue without proper care.

However, if a crack gets so far out of hand that a little sanding and finishing doesn't resolve it, you might want to look into hiring an expert to take care of it for you. Unless you're familiar with how to work with wood and replace it without damaging other sections, a contractor will take away the stress of doing something wrong. Any care and maintenance you invest in your shed is going to keep it in your yard longer, so it's usually worth it to pay a little more to protect its quality and lifespan.

Brands We Carry

We sifted through numerous brands to determine which would serve our customers best, which would offer an appropriate amount of variety in materials and size, and which would allow for a personalized shopping experience. We are proud to introduce to you the three brands that made the cut for us: Arrow, Duramax, and EZ-Fit. What follows are some highlighted products offered by these companies, just to give you a taste of the type of shed that could be in your backyard before too long.

ARROWSTORAGEArrow Sheds offers premium steel storage sheds that range from 5x4 foot sheds to 14x31 foot sheds (although we may go as far as to call them garages!). If your yard is small, or if you have a little space on the side of your house, a 5x4 Brentwood or Newburgh may be the way to go - they are compact, space efficient, and perfect for storing tools like rakes, industrial brooms, shovels, ladders, and even small bikes or lawn mowers.

Once you reach the 8x8 foot range, you're talking about being able to store riding lawn mowers, trolleys, wheelbarrows and still fitting in some storage shelves for gardening or yard maintenance supplies, hoses, etc.

This company offers several accessories, including tool hanging kits, shelving systems, and even a roof strengthening kit that will make sure your shed withstands extreme weather conditions. Arrow additionally boasts a diverse range of appearances, sizes, and coatings in their storage shed kits, depending on whether you prefer an industrial looking shed or even a shed that looks like it's genuinely made from wood.

duramax_logoDuramax is serious about providing storage sheds that focus on utility. You can see this in the materials they use, including the tried and true vinyl shed, as well as in the layout of their sheds.

Take the WoodStore Combo Green Shed for example, which combines a compact storage unit connected to a covered space to store firewood. The unit offers easy accessibility to stored wood, but keeps it dry and off the ground to prevent water from seeping in.

Duramax also offers garage extensions, which are perfect for locating a small wood shop, storing farm equipment, keeping welding equipment and materials, etc. The brand offers several storage shed kits with the foundation included so you don't have to go out of your way to buy two different products for the same purpose.

If you are looking to create an office or set up a weigh station on a farm, Duramax offers several insulated buildings, and you can choose a flat top or a gable top. Some of these buildings are even portable, so they can be utilized for temporary locations, like a construction site or a summertime classroom.

logo_tagline_usa_1410447069__05512If you are a devoted gardener, or you can't seem to get enough of working on your yard, take a look through EZ-Fit's beautiful wooden storage sheds. Not every homeowner is up to the task of maintaining a large wooden structure, but if you are, you won't regret your decision.

Each shed kit is incredibly personalizable, with the option to add elements that would be far more expensive if you bought them separately. Their Homestead Shed Kit is available in a wide range of sizes, from 8x12 to 12x24 feet, so you can go minimal and use it as a storage shed, or you can set up a small apartment for your teenager or even to rent out.

If you want to add or complement rural elements to your property, the Cornerstone Shed Kit offers a barn-esque shape, complete with 6 inch fascia trim. All of EZ-Fit's kits come with shutters and a standard door, but depending on the product you decide on, you have the option to add on a ramp to improve accessibility, a cupola to add dimension and style, a weathervane for a traditional touch, flower boxes, and flower box holders.