8 x 8 Sheds

8 x 8 Sheds

If you want a shed to store a few items, but don't have a ton of yard space to sacrifice, an 8x8 shed may be just what you need. Perfect for smaller to medium-sized yards, this size of storage shed is great for organizing your gardening tools. It can even fit a riding lawn mower. If you just need a storage space, and not a work space, an 8x8 shed will work great for you.

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  • Duramax 8x8 DuraMate Shed Kit


    Duramax 8x8 DuraMate Shed Kit

    Isn't it time to reclaim your back yard and take all those loose items floating around like gardening equipment, pool toys, sporting equipment and all those odds and ends and put them in our fabulous, maintenance free 8 foot by 8 foot Strong lasting...
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