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Duramax 8x6 StoreAll Vinyl Shed with Foundation
Duramax 8x6 StoreAll Vinyl Shed with Foundation

Duramax 8x6 StoreAll Vinyl Shed with Foundation

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Everybody deserves a shed in their yard that won't give them any hassle once it's set up. That's why Duramax brings you the 8'x6' StoreAll Vinyl Shed made with quality materials that won't rust or rot over the years! The StoreAll Vinyl shed comes equipped with reinforced solid metal to hold up the columns of your shed, so say goodbye to flimsy sheds because the StoreAll Vinyl Shed is about as solid as you can get! Duramax knows that setting a foundation for your shed can sometimes be tough, that's why they've included a foundation kit to easily make sure that you set your shed up on a solid base. The StoreAll Vinyl shed boasts a little over 238 cubic square feet and stands tall at nearly 6 feet. The StoreAll vinyl shed by Duramax is flame retardant so you won't need to fret about storing your tools that require gasoline or harsh chemicals. Worried about keeping your tools safe from pesky neighbors trying to borrow your tools? The StoreAll Vinyl shed comes with solid handles that include padlock holes to lock up your tools safely and allow you to never worry about theft or borrowing neighbors! Assembly is easy with the StoreAll Vinyl shed because all you need are a few common household tools and about 4-5 hours (with the help of a friend). The StoreAll Vinyl shed even makes it easy for you to hang shelves for your tools with easy to use wall columns inside of the shed. The StoreAll Vinyl shed by Duramax is so eye catching with its brown doors and tan exterior that it will match great with any yard that needs a shed! Purchase the StoreAll vinyl shed by Duramax today and see what a great deal and even better shed can do for your yard!

Features & Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 94.3"W x 63.1"D x 86.9"H
  • All Weather Durable Vinyl
  • Won't Rust, Rot, Dent or Mildew
  • Never Needs Painting
  • Easy Assembly
  • Wide Double Door Opening
  • Includes Door Handles with Padlock Eyes
  • Strong Metal Structure Tested for 20 lb/sq ft Snow Load
  • Door Dimensions: 61.25"W x 71.4"H
  • Cubic Feet: 240

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