Canopia by Palram Arcadia 12 ft. x 42 ft. Carport Kit - Grey Structure & Twin Wall Panels

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  • Canopia by Palram Arcadia 12 ft. x 42 ft. Carport Kit - Grey Structure & Twin Wall Panels
  • Canopia by Palram Arcadia 12 ft. x 42 ft. Carport Kit - Grey Structure & Twin Wall Panels
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Arcadia 12 ft. x 42 ft. Carport Kit - Grey Structure & Twin Wall Panels

We’ve all had those mornings when the weather is awful, and you have to clear the snow off your car or get into a scorching hot vehicle. The Arcadia Carport saves you time and effort and shields you and your car from the weather. The curved roof Carport also protects your car from color fading from the sun, unnecessary scratches, and damage. With over 10 feet of entry width and 7 feet of overhead clearance, the Arcadia single carport gives you plenty of room to park and walk around your vehicle. This sturdy single carport also boasts a snow load capacity of up to 15.4 lbs./ft². Other features include a gutter to direct rainwater, high impact twin-wall polycarbonate roof panels and an aluminum rust-resistant frame. All these features mean that the structure is multipurpose and can be used as a covered outdoor lounging area as well. Extend the life of your vehicle and spend less time worrying about your car with the Arcadia Carport Kit.

  • Highly resistant polycarbonate carport kit, a multi-purpose structure designed for the superior protection of your car and other vehicles – all year round
  • Transmits natural sunlight while providing up to 100% protection from harmful UV sun rays
  • Resilient bronze-tinted 6 mm twin-wall polycarbonate glazing; does not fracture, becomes brittle, or turns yellow over time.
  • Sturdy, anti-rust aluminum carport offering ample shading
  • Specially engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • The architecture allows easy access and car parking.
  • Clean-lined, functional design
  • Metal carport kits maintenance-free, built to last thanks to outstandingly durable materials
  • Made with 100% recyclable materials
  • The product requires a solid leveled surface for installation, such as a concrete or wooden base
  • The Carports are available in various sizes. Click to find more Carport Kits.


Length  1290cm 42'4"ft
B Width 219cm 7'2"ft
C Hight 194cm 7'2"ft


Frequently asked questions

 The polycarbonate roof panels can withstand temperatures up to 190 F.

Yes, this keeps the rain off without leaking .

Arcadia™ / Verona™ / Vitoria™ / Palma™ allow 15% light transmission.

Arizona™ / Atlas™ allow 10% light transmission.

Yes, it certainly should withstand its impact and maintain its integrity. It will not shatter if an acorn hits it, having said that, it is not recommended to be built directly under a tree.

The carport needs to be properly installed on a concrete slab, concrete footings or deck.

The base of the posts has to be anchored onto a solid base / footing and fastened with the foot pads kit.

Yes, it is possible to mount on a deck. Please consult with a professional with regards to the appropriate bolts and screws and masonry anchors.

The posts length is 82.7 in. (210 cm).

It is not recommended to paint the polycarbonate panels, please refer to the warranty.

The carport needs to be anchored well and should be on cement footings.

Yes, the Arcadia’s panels are heat resistant, as long as you keep the grill at a reasonable distance from the panels, it should be fine. Please make sure you follow the manufacturers safety advise and keep a safe distance.

The polycarbonate panels can withstand heat of over 180 degrees F. Make sure you keep a safe distance from the heat source, as per the manufacturer’s safety advise 


Size (ft, rounded):42x12
Dimensions (ft, rounded): 42 x 12 x 8
Length (in):506
Width (in):141
Snow Load (lbs/Sq Ft):30.7
Total Product Weight:771


Frame Color Family:Gray
Frame Gauge:12
Frame Material:Galvanized Steel
Product Weight (lb.): 771
Roof Material:Polycarbonate





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