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Duramax Flat Top Insulated Building 16x10 Kit
Duramax Flat Top Insulated Building 16x10 Kit

Duramax Flat Top Insulated Building 16x10 Kit

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If you are looking for a space to work on all your projects, but no where in the house will do take a look at the Flat Top Insulated Building 19x10 Kit. This Building Kit ups the ante on sheds. It will reduce heat loss in the winter when it becomes 'Santa's Workshop', and heat gain in the summer when it is time to work on that honey-do list. This is possible because the walls are made with coil-coated galvanized steel that has a fire retardant CFC-Free Poly-Urethane insulation. Included in the kit is the metal foundation that allows the building to be on any flat surface, so there is no need to pour a concrete pad if you don't already have one. The kit is easy to assemble with a bolted tongue and groove wall panel assembly of pre-cut parts that are drilled and numbered. This makes it not only easy to assemble, but also disassemble. So if you decide you need to move your building it can be done easily. Another great feature is the angular roof design, which makes drainage into the including gutter system and downspout so easy. The roof is also designed to withstand a snow load of 30 pounds per square foot, one of the strongest do it yourself buildings you will find. The door that includes a dead bolt lock can be put on any side panel wall of the building. And if you find you need more room you can order extension kits in six foot increments which can be put on either side. With your Flat Top Insulated Building Kit you don't have to worry about a huge shipping fee, because it's free shipping! We also offer a 7 year limited warranty on our product.

Features & Specifications:

  • Includes a metal foundation that allows building construction on just about any flat level surface; concrete is not required
  • Pre-painted galvanized inner and outer walls provide a stable, impenetrable wall
  • Thick fire-retardant CFC-Free B2 polyurethane insulation offers excellent thermal and acoustic performance
  • Easy-to-assemble bolted tongue and groove wall panel assembly for fast assembly and disassembly
  • Parts are pre-cut, drilled and numbered for fast simple installation
  • Stackable wall panels, single crate package so that the building can be moved if needed even in a pickup truck
  • Snow load of 30 lbs/sqft - one of the strongest do-it-yourself buildings
  • Secured door with a dead bolt lock can be configured on any side panel wall of the building
  • Step-by-step instructions included
  • Extension kit available in 6 ft. increments and mountable on either side
  • Delivers in single wood crate via common carrier
  • 7 Year Limited Warranty
  • An Angular Roof Design for easy water drainage including a gutter system with a downspout to collect residual water

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