Duramax StorePro 4x6 Shed

  • Duramax StorePro 4x6 Shed
  • Duramax StorePro 4x6 Shed
  • Duramax StorePro 4x6 Shed
  • Duramax StorePro 4x6 Shed
  • Duramax StorePro 4x6 Shed
  • Duramax StorePro 4x6 Shed
  • Duramax StorePro 4x6 Shed
  • Duramax StorePro 4x6 Shed

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It's time to purchase a quality shed that won't break or get destroyed when bad weather hits. The 4'x6' Duramax Storepro Vinyl shed is just the shed you need to improve your yard and keep all of your tools in order. The Duramax Storepro vinyl shed not only looks great, but it's built to last. That's because the Duramax Storepro vinyl shed was made with reinforced metal to support the side columns. That means that your shed can take any amount of harsh weather without being damaged! You can also rest easy knowing that the Storepro shed by Duramax won't rot or mildew like other metal other wood sheds. That's because the vinyl material was made to avoid aging and rot, making sure that your Duramax shed is the only shed you need for the many seasons to come. Another bonus when you by a quality Duramax shed is that it's flame retardant, so feel free to store all of those tools safely that require gasoline. Included in this special price is the vinyl flooring to your shed. Duramax gives you the flooring you need that will take away the headache of having to build a floor from concrete. The Duramax Storepro Vinyl shed is so easy to set up that it only takes 4-5 hours to build (with the help of a building partner). The ivory vinyl siding looks great and is the perfect match for any lawn that needs an improvement. The vinyl siding also allows you to never worry about maintenance or painting ever again! Duramax stands behind their products and includes free shipping with items over $100, so the Storepro vinyl shed can be delivered to you with free shipping! Purchase the 4'x6' Storepro vinyl shed by Duramax today and enjoy what it feels like to have a professional shed at a great price!


  • Dimensions: 36" x 46.3" x 75 inches
  • Weight: 110 pounds
  • 24" wide x 62" tall single door
  • Molded floor included
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Reinforced with metal inserted columns
  • Fire retardant
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